Central Oregon Path to Firefighter/Paramedic

Why should you become a firefighter?

  • Well respected career with high job satisfaction in assisting community members during times of need
  • Exciting and dynamic job responsibilities
  • Physically and mentally engaging work
  • Stable career path with anticipated future demand
  • Career positions often accompanied by reliable income and a pathway to retirement

How to become a firefighter?

The term “firefighter” encompasses a multitude of different types of careers within the fire service. This spreadsheet is designed specifically for those seeking a paid career with a City/County/District as a firefighter/Paramedic.

Multi-Step Process

As with many desirable career paths, becoming a professional career firefighter requires multiple years of training, education and experience. This is a guide, and is therefore not the only path to success. This guide outlines the common steps for those seeking a firefighting career. Each step is progressive, increasingly rewarding, expanding skills and responsibility. Visit any Bend fire station with additional questions. Basic Common Position Requirements (may vary) 

  • 18 years of age or older
  • High School Diploma or GED
  • CPR certification (AHA Healthcare or BLS Provider Level)
  • Physical Agility Requirements
  • Background Check
  • Vaccination Requirements
  • Drug Screening Test Completion
  • Oregon Driver License
  • Great Attitude, Strong Work Ethic, Team Player
  • Paramedic or EMT B
  • Firefighter 1 Certification

Pathway to Success

  1. Complete a National Registry EMT Basic Course
  2. Basic Life Support (BLS) EMT Job Experience
    (required by many paramedic schools prior to entry)
  3. Associate’s Degree or above (completed at anytime)
    Oregon requires an associate’s degree to become a paramedic. Can occur in conjunction with paramedic school (step 5) or a fire science program (listed below).
  4. Complete an Accredited Paramedic School
  5. Become a Licensed Paramedic in the State of Oregon
  6. Obtain Paramedic Job Experience - highly encouraged Competitive positions increase the demand for this step.
  7. CPAT (Candidate Physical Abilities Test) Good for 6 months – 1 year
  8. Fire Interview, Written Exam, Practical Skills Practice

Additional Desirable Training and Experience

Bend Fire & Rescue – Firefighter Paramedic Job Application Requirements
(subject to change)