Firefighter Selection Process - FAQ

Application & Testing

Are there opening and closing dates for BF&R accepting applications? 

Yes. We will open the application period when we have a need to establish an eligible list. The eligible list may last up to 24 months and we will fill any current and future vacancies within this time period from the eligible list. 

What do I need to do to apply?

When the application period is open: 

  • Submit an online NEOGOV application through City of Bend.
  • Send your FireTEAM scores to BF&R via National Testing Network.
  • Complete the Candidate Physical Ability Test (CPAT) and include the documentation with your application. See the CPAT section below for information about the physical abilities test requirements. 
  • You must have your firefighter 1 and Oregon paramedic (our applying for reciprocity) by the end of the application period. 

When can I take the FireTEAM test?

 You can take the FireTEAM test at any time. However, you will only be able to submit your score to BF&R when the application period is open. You are responsible for knowing when your FireTEAM score expires. 

Is there a testing fee? 

Yes. NTN charges a base fee for the FireTEAM test and an additional fee for each department you indicate to send your scores. Please check the NTN website for the fee amounts. 

When are NTN tests offered?

Testing date availability is different for each testing center location. Check at the bottom of the NTN homepage under Need Help, select View Exam Dates. In that section you will be able to view upcoming examinations by date, state, profession and testing location. 

I don’t live in the area. Can I test at any of NTN’s testing facilities? 

Yes. You can test at any NTN testing facility to complete the FireTEAM test. 

Can BF&R notify me when you are accepting applications? 

Yes, complete an interest card (quick link) and we will be able to notify you when we are testing. 

Can I repeat the FireTEAM test? 

Yes, three months or more after your previous test. 

Do repeat testers typically improve their scores? 

Data from National Testing Network suggests those repeating the test typically do NOT improve their scores, but rather decrease their scores. 

If I repeat the test and score lower the second time, can I choose to use my first score instead? 

No, your most recent test scores will be your score.

What does the testing consist of? 

To learn more about the FireTEAM test components, please visit the national testing network website.  

How can I prepare for the testing? 

There are no study guides or other test preparation materials relevant to the tests that will be administered, but for more detailed information and 30+ practice items, visit the FireTEAM Practice Test website.

How is the pass point calculated for the FireTEAM test? 

  • In order to be considered passing, you must meet (or exceed) the minimum scores as follows: 
  • Human Relations test score: pass point of 80% 
  • Mechanical test score: pass point of 60% (pass/fail) 
  • Reading test score: pass point of 80% (pass/fail)
  • Math test score: pass point of 70% (pass/fail) 


What is CPAT? 

CPAT stands for Candidate Physical Ability Test.

More information  

When should I schedule to complete CPAT? 

Candidates need to have completed the CPAT no more than six (6) months from the close date of the posted recruitment. 

Where can I complete the CPAT? 

You can complete the test with any licensed provider of the official IAFF/IAFC CPAT. National Testing Network (NTN) http:/ offers this test at testing facilities in several states. Click on “CPAT Testing” from the NTN home page for testing locations and to schedule your test. At the bottom of the NTN homepage under Need Help, select View Exam Dates. You will be able to view upcoming examinations by date, state, profession and testing location. 

I’ve already passed the CPAT with NTN. Will I need to repeat it? 

It depends when you completed the CPAT. The date accepted for your CPAT will be listed in the posting, which is typically six (6) months from the close of the posting

Selection Process

What is an eligible list? How long is the eligible list active? 

An eligible list is used to fill vacancies for position vacancies. Typically, entry eligible lists expire after 24 months from the date it was established. However, the list may be cancelled sooner if there are not enough candidates to consider based on the number of vacancies to fill. 

How is the eligible list rank determined? 

FireTEAM test score – weight 50% and the Video Interview – weight 50% 

How and when will my Veterans’ Preference points be added? 

First, you must pass all test components. Your FireTEAM test score is calculated based on Human Relations score. Veterans’ preference points are then added to the FireTEAM score and the video interview score, for an overall civil service score. It is this civil service score that is used in determining your rank. 

What happens next? 

Candidates who rank high enough to be invited into BF&R selection process will be notified. The current selection process includes: 1) interview and EMS skills test 3) reference and background check, 5) a post-offer physical examination and, 6) a psychological evaluation. 

How will I be notified if I am invited to participate in the selection process? 

You will be notified by email.

What does the skills demonstration entail? 

Candidates will perform an EMS scenario to demonstrate their technical paramedic knowledge. 

What does the post-offer physical examination entail? 

The physical exam is conducted after a candidate accepts a conditional offer of employment. Employment is contingent upon the successful completion of this physical exam. The physical exam is conducted by a designated physicians who has an understanding of BF&R standards in relation to physical/medical conditions that may disqualify individuals from employment as firefighters. These standards generally follow those set forth in National Fire Protection Association publication 1582. 

I have a medical condition or previous injury from which I have recovered. Will that condition/injury prohibit me from a career as a firefighter at BF&R? 

NFPA 1582 describes many “category A” medical conditions which would likely disqualify you from a career at BF&R as a firefighter. The physician’s examination is designed to carefully evaluate each individual’s condition and determine fitness for duty. As each person’s circumstances are different, determining whether a medical condition or previous injury will categorically disqualify someone is determined through the post-offer physical examination. 

If I am found to have a medical condition which disqualifies me from a career as a firefighter at BF&R, as long this medical condition exists would my offer be rescinded? 


What does the post-offer psychological evaluation entail? 

The psychological evaluation is conducted after a candidate accepts a conditional offer of employment. Employment is contingent upon the successful completion of this psychological evaluation. The psychological evaluation is conducted by a designated psychologist who understands BF&R standards in relation to the psychological and behavioral health conditions.  

EMS License

I currently have my EMS license from another state. Do you have to have a Paramedic license from the state of Oregon? 

Yes. You will be required to establish reciprocity prior to employment. If your license is from another state, as soon as you are invited to participate in the selection process, you should contact the Oregon Health Authority for paperwork to establish reciprocity. 

I do not have an Oregon EMS license, but I do have my National Registry certification. Is that sufficient?

No, you must possess an Oregon EMS license. National Registry may be part of the Oregon requirements, but is not sufficient by itself. You should contact the Oregon Health Authority for additional information. Again, as soon as you are invited to participate in the selection process, you should contact the Oregon Health Authority for paperwork to establish reciprocity.

 How do I contact the state of Oregon regarding EMS licensure and training? 

Contact the Oregon Health Authority at (971) 673-0520 or on their website

Can I test even though I do not have my EMS license? 

Yes, everyone who meets minimum qualifications can take the test and if successful, be placed on the eligible list. However, you must have your EMS license on the first day of employment. 

Conviction Background & Driving Record

I don’t have an Oregon driver’s license. Is that a requirement? 

No, we don’t require an Oregon driver’s license; we require a license that is valid in the state of Oregon. For example, if you live in Washington and have a valid Washington driver’s license, then your Washington license is valid in Oregon. However, if you now live in Oregon but still have a Washington driver’s license because you did not get an Oregon license after moving here, then your license is not valid in Oregon. Refer to the Oregon Department of Motor Vehicles website for further information.

I have some convictions and/or some traffic violations in my history. How do I know if those will disqualify me from consideration? 

BF&R does not apply any blanket policy in consideration of candidate conviction histories and driving records, but we review circumstances on a case-by-case basis. We take into consideration the obligation to our citizens to protect them as well as what a conviction history and/or driving record indicates about a candidate’s judgment, respect for the law, maturity and general character. Crimes against persons as well as property crimes are taken very seriously due to the access our Firefighters have to persons and homes when called to a scene.

What if I was convicted of something but it was expunged?

 BF&R does not consider expunged convictions. 

If I still have more questions, may I contact you? 

Yes, please call our administration office at 541-322-6300. 

BF&R is an equal opportunity employer and seeks to attract a diverse workforce that reflects the community we serve in order to deliver safe and professional service to our citizens.