Recommended Reading

The following books are recommended by the Bend Fire Department to support and grow your knowledge in several fire service topics. The authors of the following books are subject matter experts and are very well respected in their area of expertise.

The Nozzle Forward - A Tribute To The Work of Andy Fredericks

Compiled by Gary Lane

Firefighting Tactics and Attacking and Extinguishing Interior Fires

Lloyd Layman

Pride and Ownership

Rick Lasky

Fire Stream Management Handbook

Dave Fornell

B-Shifter: A Firefighter's Memoir

Nick Brunacini

Report From Engine Co. 82

Dennis Smith

Strategy of Firefighting

Vincent Dunn

Thirty Years on the Line

Leo Stapleton

The Book of Shupe - Traditional Principles With The Modern Fire Service

Jeff Shupe

Command Decisions and Company Operations

Warren Kimball

Firefighting Principles & Practices

William Clark

Fireground Tactics

Emmanuel Fried

Fire Officer's Handbook of Tactics

John Norman

Collapse of Burning Buildings: A Guide to Fireground Safety

Vincent Dunn


Leo Stapleton

The Engine Company

John Salka