Bend Fire & Rescue Standard Operating Guidelines

SOG A-2  Aircraft Rescue & Firefighting
SOG A-3  Air Management
SOG C-1  Carbon Monoxide Incidents
SOG D-1  Death of BFD Member – On Duty
SOG D-2  Dispatch and Radio Procedures: Auto-Aid / Mutual Aid
SOG E-1  Earthquake
SOG E-2  Electrical Emergencies
SOG E-3  Elevator Emergencies
SOG F-1  Firefighter Emergency Survival
SOG F-2  Facilities Emergency Procedures
SOG F-3  Firing Operations
SOG G-1  General Fire Alarms
SOG H-1  Haz-Mat Response
SOG H-6  High Rise Fires
SOG H-7  St. Charles Hospital Campus
SOG I-2  Incident Safety Officer
SOG I-3  Incident Size-up
SOG J-1  Jake Brakes
SOG L-1  Law Enforcement Standby
SOG M-1  Mass Casualty Incident
SOG M-2  Motor Vehicle Crash
SOG N-1  Non-Hydrant Areas
SOG N-2  Natural Gas Emergencies
SOG O-2  Overhaul
SOG P-1 Photographing Incident Scenes
SOG P-3  Postal Fires
SOG P-5  Propane Emergencies
SOG R-1  Red Cross (Other Agencies)
SOG R-2  Rescue – Building Collapse
SOG R-3  Rescue –Confined Space
SOG R-4  Rescue – Ice Rescue
SOG R-5  Rescue – Rapid Intervention Team RIT
SOG R-6  Rescue – Rope Rescue
SOG R-7  Rescue – Swift Water Rescue
SOG R-8  Rescue – Trench/Cave-in
SOG R-9  Returning to Service
SOG R-10  On-Scene Rehabilitation (Rehab)
SOG R-11  Railroad Incidents
SOG S-2  Signals
SOG S-3  Snow Load Emergencies
SOG S-4  Sprinkler Systems
SOG S-5  Staging
SOG T-3  Tire Chains
SOG T-6  Truck Company Operations
SOG U-1  Utilities Shut Off
SOG W-1  Water Line Breaks
SOG W-2 Wildland Fires
SOG Y-1  Youth Set Fire Intervention